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The United Kingdom appears in two different CtWs, and is present as a nonplayable faction for the single-player American campaign.

Grand CampaignEdit

By the start of the campaign, both Britain and Russia are the largest powers, with Russia beating Britain by only a single territory. Thus, the game involves a great deal of cat-and-mouse manoeuvring around the British and the Russians, although other large factions of considerable size such as the Spanish, Portuguese, Austrians and Ottomans are also around.

You start off with some ports in India, the Atlantic, the Middle East and the Far East. To the corners of the map lie Australia and also, there too is Africa. These areas are rich with rare resources that can generate income (note that like all Western factions, you receive tribute only from flagging rare resources on the map). There are four areas that you should pay attention to: Malta, Gibraltar, Egypt, Aqaba, Aden and India. Once you are able to annex these areas, they will experience a +2 increase in their territorial strength. The six territories which form your island home are also have some perks — Central England and Wales have rares, while Northern Ireland supplies troops. You also possess a seventh territory in Europe, which is Hannover but eventually an event will play and Hannover will flip over to Prussia. You can choose to keep Hannover — but this has serious diplomatic consequences.

The USA is reluctant to deal with anybody from Europe, and can be expected to start sending its troops into anywhere which is rebel territory. You can, however, choose to form an alliance if you do not control more than 10 territories in the entire New World (North America, Latin America and Central America and Caribbean together) and either one of the Asian powers on the Pacific coast (Siam, China, Dai Viet, Japan or Korea) controls more territory than the United States of America. In which case, America could be a useful ally against a militant Russia or Japan should you so require it.

To the east, you have a sizeable number of possessions scattered throughout southeast Asia. Half of India as well as Johore are within your sphere of influence, but you need to be wary. Despite the vast size of your imperial possessions, you are in a rather precarious position surrounded by Russia and Iran to the west, and Brunei, Spain, Siam, Myanmar, Dai Viet and the League of Nations (Holland) to the east (later on Japan and possibly China too may prove to be an even bigger threat). Diplomacy will be key to mitigating this dangerous situation — look to Persia, Brunei and Siam for potential allies. Of these, however, the most dangerous faction might prove to be Russia, so form an alliance with Persia to restrict Russian expansion in Central Asia. Starting territories and diplomatic stances Starting diplomacy

Starting territory:

Initial resources:

  • 70 tribute
  • 2 Economic Boom — Timber; 2 Eureka — Civics

Strategic Objectives:

  • Maintain control over your holdings over your five core territories in the British Isles
  • Acquire at least 15 territories with rare resources
  • Acquire at least 1 territory in each continental region outside of the European zones: Western Europe, Northern Europe, Eurasia, Central Europe and Mediterranean.
  • Gather 2,000 tribute

East Indies campaignEdit

In this campaign, the player takes the role of the English East India Company, and starts off with two outposts: Bencoolen, close to the Dutch capital of Jawa; and the main capital in Bengal. Both however are dangerously close to potential enemies: the Dutch are your neighbours in Bencoolen, while the warlike Bamar rule east of Bengal. It will be thus up to the English to use diplomacy in order to secure favourable conditions with which to expand further into India. Some understanding might need to be reached with the Bamar, although it can be said that a treaty with the Siamese might be in order to drive the Bamar back from Bengal.