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Ultima Ratio is the first Chapter of Rise of the Moderns, and covers 24 factions of the Imperial Era, spanning the careers of Nader Shah and Napoleon.

Like all Rise of Nations mods, it has its own set of 24 factions as well as its own wonders, all loosely based on the Rise of Napoleon mod by Ray Tang.


The original Rise of Napoleon, but with a twist.......

  • New naval units and artillery units. While Rise of Napoleon ended in the 1820s, Ultima Ratio now covers not just Rise of Napoleon, but also the technologies and units of the pre-1860s era.
  • A massive slew of units have been added to non-Western factions.
  • An updated tech tree to reflect the Napoleonic era and its developments.
  • A vast new array of defensive structures awaits your build orders.
  • Bugs involving buildings, especially forts and castles, have been zapped — along with various historical inaccuracies.


Playable factions

Achaean LeagueChremonidean LeaguePergamenesBactriansRomansLusitaniansArverniGetaePtolemaic EgyptiansBritonsNabataeansSarmatiansCarthaginiansNumidiansSeleucidsCeltiberiansParthiansSuebiBosporansMacedoniansSabaeansArmeniansEpirotesPonticsRo napoleon w bavar.png

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