The Austrians and French control a unique building that replaces the tavern line, called a salon. The salon has the same functions of a tavern: that, is keeping people happy - except for the following:

  • Salons gather 1 knowledge for every merchant deployed in the game, regardless who owns them.
  • They gather 1% happiness on each instance of peacocks, wine or tobacco that you control.
  • The maximum number of salons you build is 4, and they can be built anywhere.

The difference between happiness maintenance rates between salons and taverns can be illustrated via the following: If you control a speakeasy, and have 2 peacock patches, 1 wine and 2 tobacco, you will only get +3% happiness per speakeasy controlled. However, a French player can expect to have +5% happiness per salon built.

Units trainedEdit

  • Spy - cloaked agent, capable of bribing, creation of informants and counterintelligence.
  • Terrorist (Imperial Era only) - a slow-moving, weak unit with a powerful ranged attack trained at your Tavern. Asian, Islamic and Indian factions do not train agents, but have their own units to train from their own national projects.
    • The Palace Complex recruits Assassins, which don't move as fast as the Agent.
    • The Sirdars' Divan recruits Thugs, who use a melee attack instead of a ranged gun attack to kill their quarry.
  • Scholars (Age of Conquest only)


  • Militia [2, Patriotism]: upgrades peasant levy to militia, which now have a stronger gun attack
  • Guerillas [3]: stronger than militia, and also cloaked if not moving. Available only to some factions, namely Russia, Portugal, Spain, and Colombia
  • Freikorps [3]: a stronger militia unit with the ability to serve along with the army. Freikorps however are easily scattered by cavalry.

Technologies hostedEdit




"Every post is honorable in which a man can serve his country."
—George Washington

  • Increases attrition to Level 1
  • Grants a one-time increase of happiness if you are the first one to research it. The amount of happiness is 1% per level of Civic research, ergo having attained Utilitarianism results in a gain of 3%.
Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 50Book
  • Burro Civitas
  • Mercs Militiae
  • Tax2 Attritio

Social ContractEdit

"What man loses by the social contract is an unlimited right to everything; what he gains is the proprietorship of all he possesses." —Jean Jacques Rousseau

  • Increases attrition levels to Level 2

Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 80Food; 120Book
  • Rebels Attritio
  • Jurisdiction.png Civitas
  • Buro.png Attritio
  • Sm summer01 Denkmal

Ideological FervourEdit

"A man who has nothing which he is willing to fight for is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free."
John Stuart Mill

  • Increases attrition to Level 3.
  • Decreases happiness by 6%
  • (opens up Level 3 cav mercs)

Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 100Food; 250Book
  • Tax2 Attritio
  • Imp [3]
  • Standingarmy Militiae
  • Falange Attritio
  • Panceanklin

Blood and SoilEdit

"To wish for the greatness of one's fatherland is to wish evil to one's neighbours."

  • Increases attrition ot Level 4.
  • Decreases happiness by 4*u% where u is the number of technologies researched at your university.
  • (opens up Level 5 cav mercs)
Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 180Food; 350Book
  • Buro.png Attritio
  • Droitdivin Civitas
  • Germs


Salon 3s
  1. You may not have more than 3 tavern-type buildings of a single type in your nation at any given time.