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Grand CampaignEdit

As Siam, you will be facing one big problem: you will be at war on several fronts - against the Malays, the Bamar, and the Annamites, who are allies with China. Thus, your first task will be to establish an alliance with China. Doing so will stop the Annamites and Bamar from attacking. The Annamites can be attacked, but if you choose to destroy them, China will make a peace deal with you for Vietnam. Similarly, however, the French will promise you aid and an alliance if you cede these territories to them. Allowing the French access to Vietnam will grant you access to Horse Guard Grenadiers during battles.

To the south lies Johor. It would be possible for you to build an empire there, except for one problem: the British have established a colony in Johor. Thus you are surrounded from all sides: if you attack the Bamar, the Chinese and possibly the Indians (later the British) will come to your aid. If you attack the Annamites, the Chinese will immediately attack. One possible solution to this problem would be to ally with the Spanish, but there is always the possibility of being stabbed in the back by them or the French (this becomes all the more possible with each age advance). It is noted however that the British could be a welcome counterbalance to whatever motives China or the other factions may have.

Starting territories and diplomatic stancesEdit

Starting diplomacy

  • Alliances: China
  • At war with: Bamar, Annam

Starting territory:

Initial bonuses:

  • 20 tribute,
  • 1 Economic Boom — Metal

Strategic Objectives:

  • Assume control of the following territories before the Mechanisation Era:
  • Outlive Bamar and Annam - they must not reach the Mechanisation Era as independent nations.
  • Conquer more territory than China before the Mechanisation Era.