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What is Rise of the Moderns?

Rise of the Moderns is a projected series of RTS mods and games, intended to replicate the rise of the Early Modern Period until the Interbellum, which use a common tech tree called the "Rise of the Moderns" tech system.

As its name suggests, this project features a mod for the award-winning game Rise of Nations and is in effect a total conversion to depict the main forces that shaped our world. Beginning in the 17th century and ending with the rise of Communism and Fascism in Europe, it is an extensive and sweeping project intended

Currently we have the following projects envisioned:

Our BHG-based Mods

Rise of the Moderns

The Age of Conquest

Rise of the Moderns is being developed in several "chapters", each one a stand-alone mod by itself.

As many as 4 chapters are envisioned for this project.

The Age of Conquest is a mod that covers the colonisation of the Americas.