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Grand CampaignEdit

You start off the game with a satellite, Nejd. During your rule, there will be rebellions in the Arab and African parts of your empire, as well as in Europe as well. Attempting to attack any other Muslim power — India, or Brunei in the Malay archipelago — will only cause more trouble for you by creating riots throughout your already faltering empire, which despite its size has been reduced to Level 1 in some areas due to attrition and near-perpetual warfare with the Russians and Iranians.

Your empire is located at the junction of 3 possible areas of conquest: Africa, Asia, and Europe. Africa is currently a land open for the taking, with only the weak European colonies and the Abysinnians barring your way. However, there is always the danger that attempts to take over Africa would spur interest in the continent from other powers — especially if you had gone all the way to conquer Northern Africa. Conquering the whole Mediterranean coast could potentially provoke a nasty surprise from the Europeans, although it would also result in the Europeans choosing to wage war against you if you antagonise them too greatly.

This leaves one more area left to discuss: Asia. Although Iran controls many areas, it is fairly weak — thus they might prove to be the best areas for conquest. However, you will need to be careful — your arch-nemesis, Russia, will be in constant warfare with you in both Asia and Europe. Additionally, Russia will not be friendly to an alliance with you, so you may perhaps need to think of containing Russia if war is not possible.

Thus, in order to win the campaign, you may need to concentrate on the Middle East first. The problem however is that Russia will prove to be a perpetual headache in the north and may even take out Armenia if not effectively curbed, and in the wake of war with Russia the gavurs may also encroach into North Africa. You may need to come to a settlement with Iran as a buffer against the Russians and possibly the British, whose presence in India is growing in order to ensure that you can concentrate on imperial expansion elsewhere. Africa is an ideal target for expansion if you are able to survive: aside from the ailing Spanish empire and a few outposts of the Europeans further south, you should be able to shove aside the native population if you send a sufficient number of armies to overrun the region. If you do not need them, try to sell bonus cards off to the League of Nations in order to receive more tribute which can allow you to buy more territory (each territory acquired increases the amount of tribute you can earn per turn) and then contribute towards finishing the campaign.

Starting territories and diplomatic stancesEdit

Starting diplomacy:

  • Allies: Brunei
  • War with: Iran, Russia
  • Satellites: Nejd

Starting territory:

Initial bonus resources:

  • 1 x Trade Embargo, 1 x Wealth Boom

Strategic Objectives:

  • Maintain control over your holdings in the Middle East
  • Conquer more territory than the Western powers before the Mechanisation Era
  • Conquer any three other regions, either by occupation or annexation
  • Gather 2,000 tribute
  • Drive the Western powers out of North Africa and the Middle East