The Arsenal is a military building, where siege/artillery units and Supply Wagons are built. It requires both Timber and Metal to be constructed.

Types of units built at the Factory:

The siege factory also hosts two Logistics upgrades (they were formerly based at the Smelter). The penultimate upgrade, Railroad Freightage, is required to upgrade all naval and artillery units in the Industrial Era.

Being a military structure, it may be built anywhere within friendly (own or allied) borders. The ramping cost is doubled for every three buildings of the same type, whether existing or under construction.

The Arsenal may be garrisoned by all types of units it created. Garrisoned units are safe from taking damage and are slowly repaired. The maximum garrison capacity is 20, with siege/artillery units taking up 2 slots each.


Unique units trainedEdit


  • Armed supply
  • Pack elephant


  • de Vallière cannon [2] => Gribevaul cannon [3] => 12 lber "Napoleon" [4] super-fast gun, with good research speed.
  • Basilica bombard [1] => Imperial bombard => Ottoman cannon [3]

Technologies hostedEdit

Note: In Time of War: 1800 and The Age of Conquest, access to Mechanical Propulsion is blocked.


Supply Network

Battles are won by acts of destruction. Wars are won by the means of production.

  • Ships and mechanised units build faster
  • Ships and mechanised units heal faster when garrisoned in buildings
  • Units take less attrition
  • Units don't get damaged from attrition if not moving.

NB: Canning Process is available only for Rise of Napoleon: Ultima Ratio and The Age of Conquest.

Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 100Holz
  • Time to complete: Rather slow
  • Workmen
  • Feudals Militiae
  • Log2 Boot
  • Appert Food

Railroad Freightage

Steam and steel synergised sustain speedy supply and seamlessly stringent standardisation.

  • Ships and mechanised units build faster
  • Ships and mechanised units heal faster when garrisoned in buildings
  • Units take less attrition
Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 160Ore; 160Reichtum
  • Time to complete: Rather slow
  • Log1 Boot
  • Sovrain.png Militiae
  • MinersFriendThm Ore
  • Con3 Militaerwissenschaft
  • Engie Denkmal

Hints and tips for usageEdit

The arsenal is where artillery units are produced. This can range from simple wagons for the carriage of supply all the way to destructive cannon and artillery meant to blast apart the foe.

Jungle civilisations like the Siamese or Malays do not build field guns at first, but instead must rely on the "grasshopper cannon". This is a smaller version of the European bombard, which is weaker but faster in all other aspects: reload time, carriage, deployment speed and so forth. The grasshopper cannon however still has the same cost as a normal one, leaving their users to depend on their ability to field their unique units as opposed to laying waste to enemy cities.